Episode 67: The one in the middle

Sat Mar 17 17:00:09 2012

We talk transgender porn for some reason and a bunch of other stuff! How long is a jiffy? What are the best Pizza toppings? Are fighting games too ridiculous?

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Episode 66: January is for Ninjas

Wed Feb 15 11:28:20 2012

We will talk comics, games, and something highly inappropriate in this weeks podcast. We talk Hero Academy for the iPhone, Gears of War 3, and Nerd Wars. We also talk about Wolverine: Enemy of the State, Avengers Assemble, and Adam’s Manga fascination.

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Episode 65: Xmas is over, but we can’t stop talking about it

Tue Jan 17 22:19:11 2012

We talk about how our holidays went. How Jeff got food poisoning on New Years and how Adam got high with his girlfriends parents. We talk roller derby chicks with Ghost Rider style flaming skulls. Jeff talks Bastion which he spent way too much time playing over the holidays!

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Episode 64: The One Before Xmas

Tue Jan 10 20:46:56 2012

We talk about terrible Christmas family experiences, gifts, and random other stuff in this vastly delayed post. Jeff talks about seeing Sherlock Holmes at the Kabuki Theater in San Francisco.

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Episode 63: The one where we forget to tell people

Fri Dec 9 22:36:06 2011

Adam and Jeff return to talk about nerdy stuff including games. We will chat some Skyrim, some TF2, and the status of everything. We talk Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine Origins, Christmas movies that rock, and a lot more!

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The Wackygamer.com Podcast features two nerdy stand-up comedians discussing life through the eyes of nerds. The podcast is put together in association with Cross Platform Comedy, a stand-up comedy show for nerd, by nerds.

Jeff Reitman, creator of the podcast and videogame industry veteran, grew up in Philadelphia and was strongly influenced by videogames and comic books as a kid. After graduating college with a degree in Electrical Engineering he decided work shouldn't be boring and joined the game industry and took up stand-up comedy.

Adam McLaughlin has been a nerd all his life, having taken a job in Japan so he could overload on anime and Hentai. Adam is a stand-up comedian and creator of AnimalTrash.com