Episode 72: Avengers Aftermath

Sat Jul 14 20:14:03 2012

We will talk about the Avengers movie including why Jeff had a far different experience than most + some other random junk. We apologize for the stereo sound issue on this one. Software malfunction :/

Don’t forget to email topics to podcast@wackygamer.com

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Episode 71: Nerd Wars is Over

Mon May 21 08:20:38 2012

Well sort of, March Madness is over. We will talk other nerdy stuff because we can! Jeff talks about his playoff beard. There is way too much singing in this episode, we apologize. Why would supervillians invade Africa? We talk action packed graphic novels! Look we just ramble all over the place. I am not gonna lie to you, all I can promise is it will be nerdy and hopefully occasionally funny :)

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Episode 70: Running With Scissors

Thu Apr 26 15:41:10 2012

OMFG Podcast listeners, it’s another episode!!!!! Jeff FINALLY talks Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Adam argues grammar. We talk Nerd Wars Elite 8. It’s just a laugh riot! Sorry about Adam’s volume!

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Episode 69: The One Where We Scissor

Wed Apr 11 07:58:46 2012

We try to avoid scissoring in this sexual charged epic 69th episode of the podcast! We talk the best comic book 69’s and other things which probably should never be spoken of again! Like us on Facebook to find out when the next live stream is: http://facebook.wackygamer.com/

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Episode 68: The D20 Redux

Mon Apr 2 17:57:29 2012

We do a whole nerdy podcast governed by a D20! Hear how Adam gets the nickname shitpimple! Why are buttnuggets sponsoring Wackygamer? All that and more is determined by the roll of a die! We also talk shitty Image Con!

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The Wackygamer.com Podcast features two nerdy stand-up comedians discussing life through the eyes of nerds. The podcast is put together in association with Cross Platform Comedy, a stand-up comedy show for nerd, by nerds.

Jeff Reitman, creator of the podcast and videogame industry veteran, grew up in Philadelphia and was strongly influenced by videogames and comic books as a kid. After graduating college with a degree in Electrical Engineering he decided work shouldn't be boring and joined the game industry and took up stand-up comedy.

Adam McLaughlin has been a nerd all his life, having taken a job in Japan so he could overload on anime and Hentai. Adam is a stand-up comedian and creator of AnimalTrash.com