Wackygamer Podcast

Episode 77: Adam talks about Comments

Tue Dec 4 10:13:18 2012

Adam got a damn iPhone… OMFG OMFG OMFG. He figured out how to use email. Welcome to 1994!

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The Wackygamer.com Podcast features two nerdy stand-up comedians discussing life through the eyes of nerds. The podcast is put together in association with Cross Platform Comedy, a stand-up comedy show for nerd, by nerds.

Jeff Reitman, creator of the podcast and videogame industry veteran, grew up in Philadelphia and was strongly influenced by videogames and comic books as a kid. After graduating college with a degree in Electrical Engineering he decided work shouldn't be boring and joined the game industry and took up stand-up comedy.

Adam McLaughlin has been a nerd all his life, having taken a job in Japan so he could overload on anime and Hentai. Adam is a stand-up comedian and creator of AnimalTrash.com